Busywork works exceptionally well with Webflow. It allows you to use Webflow for making your frontend, Busywork for your backend, and connect the two to make web apps. Here we'll show you how you can build web apps with Webflow.

Simple Hacks

Useful functionalities for your marketing site and web app. Small but powerful hacks, with cloneables in both Busywork and Webflow.

For your Marketing Site

Build your Prelaunch Email List
Product Screenshot Selector
Annually / Monthly Plan Picker

For your Web App

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Upload & Save User Avatar
Upgrade Modal for Paywalls
Custom User Profile Page

Essential Hacks

Absolutely essential hacks that tap into the more advanced parts of Busywork. No code required though.


Form Validation Messages

Reusable Components

Searchable Select
Success / Error Modal