Payments & Subscriptions


Busywork allows you to charge users for using your app. You can accept one-time or recurring payments. On this page we'll explain how payments work, how you set them up and give you a launch checklist.

How it works

Busywork is a tool for creating SaaS businesses, by letting you create web apps without writing code. A major part of creating a SaaS business is the ability to charge users for using your app. We can help you charge users from day one. Read more about how to create plans inside Busywork.


Busywork charges a 1% fee for payments and subscriptions, which doesn't include the transaction and service fees charged by Stripe.

Developing billing and checkout requires a lot of work. Using Busywork you don't have to develop anything. We've created a no-code abstraction on top of Stripe, that allows you to easily create plans, forms, and modals for your app.

Our sign-up modal. You can extend the form by any number of custom fields such as full name.
Our sign-up modal. You can extend the form by any number of custom fields such as full name.

By connecting your Stripe account to Busywork you're giving us permission to create plans, subscriptions, and charge users on your behalf. Stripe is deeply integrated with Busywork user accounts, meaning that you can allow and restrict access to parts of your web app depending on a user's subscription.


Inside Busywork you can manage users and their subscriptions. You can change user emails, cancel plans and delete them entirely. In addition to managing their subscription and credentials you can see data linked to the current user.

Launch Checklist

We've created a launch checklist for you. Make sure you can check off the points on the lists before publishing.


Once you've published your plans you can't edit them. If you want to make changes to plans, such as increase or decrease the price, you need to archive the current ones and create new plans with the new pricing.


You have to add at least one plan to your app. You can add plans in the Users section's Plans page.

Add a Free Plan
Add one or more Paid Plans (Optional)

Forms & Modals

To implement user accounts in your app, you can use our modals or set up custom forms. You can add modals and custom forms in the Users section's Forms page.

Add sign-up modals for your plans
Add a custom sign-up forms for your plans
Add sign-in modals
Add a custom sign-in form


If you have created paid plans you need to connect your Stripe account with Busywork. You cannot start charging for your app before you've connected your Stripe account. You can connect your Stripe account in the Users section's Settings page.

Connect Stripe
Test paid plan sign-up modals
Test paid plan custom sign-up forms
Test sign-in
Test password recovery

If you've only created a free plan you can implement user accounts without connecting Stripe.


Testing sign-up for paid plans should be done on your development site, before publishing to your production site. While testing you can use any of the cards below with any future expiration date, name, CVC, and zip / postal code. United States: 4242 4242 4242 4242 Canada: 4000 0012 4000 0000 United Kingdom: 4000 0082 6000 0000 Australia: 4000 0003 6000 0006 Japan: 4000 0039 2000 0003