Simple Echo Build

This example will show you a minimal example of a Build in Busywork.

This should be considered a Busywork equivalent of a "Hello World" example. Our Build will simply echo back the request it has received.

1. Create a New Build

First you need to create a new Build and give it a name. Here we just call it echo.

2. Setup Function Schema

Define the schema, the request format that the functions expects, using JSON. Here we expect the request to contain a message field.

3. Setup Function Response

If you don't explicitly define a response for your function, a default response will be returned when the function has completed. In the cases where you wan't to return data with the response, you need to add a HTTP Response block.

Read the block documentation, by clicking Learn More when setting up the block.

4. Deploy your Function

Deploy your function with a single click. Simply press the deploy function and it will be deployed to the cloud within seconds.

5. Run your Function

Using Reqbin

Copy and paste the function URL into this testing tool,

This is an example of how you can invoke the function

Reqbin Test Request

Using cURL

curl -XPOST -H "Content-type: application/json" -d '{
"message": "hello world"
}' ''