What is Busywork?

Busywork is a tool for creating web apps by bringing static sites (HTML & CSS) to life. It's made for designers and visual developers.

Why Busywork?

Backends and cloud infrastructure are the backbones of web apps, but they're hard to make and manage. Busywork allows designers and frontend developers to make web apps without coding.

Does Busywork have a free plan?

Yes! We offer a very generous free plan that lets you use all features for 7 days. There's no credit card required to try the platform.

Can i cancel my subscription any time?

We would like to see you stick around, but if you want to cancel you can do so. Any time.

Do you have plans for agencies?

For agencies please contact us to learn more about what we can offer. Please write to hello@busywork.co or use our chat support in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Do you offer discounts for startups?

Yes! Early-stage startups get 50% off our paid plans for a year. No matter how much you grow.

What's a Workspace?

Workspaces allows you to make and manage multiple web apps with a single Busywork account. Each workspace is intended for a single app. It contains one user accounts system and one database (with multiple tables).

What are User Accounts?

User accounts lets your users sign-up and sign-in with your web app. It makes it easy for you to keep user data private. It can be integrated into any frontend using either custom forms or our modals. Both are added to your static site without coding.

What are Database Collections?

A database collection is a collection of records (rows) that can contain one or more attributes (columns). You can store simple data, such as text, numbers and booleans or files in a collection.

What are Database Records?

A database record is a row in the database collection. It contains data that you've added or a user has generated, using your app.

What are attachment spaces?

An attachment space is the amount of storage that you get with a single database collection. This storage is used for files, such as images. An example could be when storing a users avatar.

What are payments and subscriptions?

Busywork lets you charge users for using your app. You can add paywalls to your app on a one-time or recurring basis. Simply create plans and connect those to you pricing page.

What is frontend integration?

Busywork allow you to connect backend workflows and database to your frontend without coding. Bind and display a collection in your frontend, with your design. Change elements based on the outcome of workflows. All without coding.