Welcome to Busywork

Visual, scalable no-code backends

What is Busywork?

Busywork makes backend software development easier and available to anyone. Our platform uses visual programming to make and deploy scalable backends in the cloud. We've stripped backend development from all of its complexities by providing backends as a service, including cloud deployments and a fully managed database.

Visual development for backends

Our platform allows you to,

  • Build scalable backend functions

  • Query, insert, update and delete records from a database

  • Sign up, sign in and authenticate users out of the box

  • Integrate with your favourite services directly in your backend

Make Backends that are Scalable

With Busywork you can create backends that are scalable both in terms of efficiency and costs. While some products allow you to build backends without coding, none of them offer scalability and costs equivalent to those of cloud providers. Busywork offers both.

Using automation tools for making backends is possible but you will stack up a lot of technical debt.

Using automation tools for running backends, costs are a product of the task / functions complexity (steps, conditions etc.) and the number of invocations you make. With Busywork you are only charged by execution time, at a much lower rate.